On-call Scheduling and Alerting.

Automate the alerting of engineers on duty

Most intuitive Oncall Duty Scheduling and Alerting

Enterprise Alert brings a new level of convenience to the scheduling of on-call teams. Say “Good bye” to customized, inconsistent or “island-like” tools for manually scheduling your teams.

Welcome the revolution of on-call scheduling, automatically linking your critical alerts to the right people at the right time. Scheduling on-call services and rotations for a whole year now only takes a few minutes. It is done via drag & drop in Enterprise Alert.

Oncall Scheduling

Enterprise Alert provides an amazing way of scheduling, accessing and alerting teams with oncall duty. The scheduling ‘engine’ provides

  • Scheduling of duties via drag & drop in your browser
  • Primary, Backup, Stand-ins
  • 24/7, custom times and custom duty lengths (e.g. 1 week, 1 day)
  • Auto-rotation (one-up)
  • Support for holidays, half days
  • Follow-the-sun schedules
  • Planning gap notifications
  • Calendar integration & sync, e.g. for Outlook or iPhone
  • PDF Export
  • 3rd Integration, e.g. export to SAP HR possible
  • And much more

24/7 IT Operations Duty with Derdack