Reliable Alert Notifications for SCADA and OT via OPC.

24/7 IT Alerting & Anywhere Response

EnterpriseAlert Circle - OPC Software
EnterpriseAlert Circle - OPC Software

Mobile maintenance and incident alerting

Via OPC UA or other APIs Derdack’s solution links machines, sensors and manufacturing systems with responsible, qualified and available factory staff and automatically send incidents, quality issues and maintenance jobs via text, IM or voice or directly to worker’s smartphones.

Integrating Derdack Enterprise Alert 2016 with industrial IoT, SCADA and machines via OPC UA


Complementing SCADA and OT with

Mobile alerting

Automated & rea-time alert notifications by voice, text, IM, push, email with tracking and escalations. Noise filtering, de-duplication, flood protection, severity checks, responsibility mapping, alert auto-recovery support.

Duty scheduling

Intuitive drag & drop on-call, 24/7 and follow-the-sun team scheduling including “who’s on call” dashboard, even on a mobile device.

Mobile app

Secure, app-enabled alert management via a feedback channel to acknowledge alerts and to update their status or to add annotations visible to an operator in the control room for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

Seamless integration

Effortless integration with systems like SCADA or MES and industry-standard protocols like OPC UA, D/A & A/E as well as open APIs like SOAP, SMTP, HTTP, ASCII and XML

Why 2-way integration matters

Only 2-way integration enables closed-loop alerting processes. While a simple email forwarding of event information or webhook calls (as common in simple SaaS solutions) can trigger alert notifications, such approach lacks the update of alerts/incidents in Operational Technology once an alert was acknowledged or even closed.

When an incident is closed in the original source, for instance when the problem is solved, 2-way integration can stop ongoing alerting processes and even allow to inform already alerted engineers. Simple APIs lack those abilities.

Designed for OPC connectivity

OPC Foundation Member

Since 2008 Derdack is a member of the OPC Foundation. The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between production devices.

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