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Why you should become a Derdack Partner

Whichever option you decide on – Derdack is there to back you up with its team of experts. Recommend us and become a Business Partner, sell Enterprise Alert on your own and become a Reselling Partner or even become a Full Service Partner and provide dedicated professional services, such as consulting, installation and support. Our Derdack Partner Program is created to help your company to be the game changer for your customer.

We fully believe in our partners and are confident that our multi-tiered affiliate program will provide you these key benefits:


Why complicate things when it is so easy? Everyone starts as a Derdack Business Partner and you decide what happens next.


Each partner option provides different levels of partner discounts. On top of that Derdack rewards you with attractive bonuses as a sign of our appreciation for your personal commitment.


We provide you with all you need in the Derdack Partner Program to be successful:

  • Dedicated Channel Manager
  • Comprehensive trainings
  • Exclusive focus on DCPs (Derdack Certified Professionals)
  • Exclusive marketing services
  • Target agreements
  • Technical Support
  • Fun Challenges

Partner Options and Membership Levels

One size fits all? Not with us! Derdack offers different partner options that fit your business goals – but it remains — easy!


The Derdack Partner Program offers three partnership options (Business, Reselling and Full Service), which are based on a point system with different membership levels (Business, Bronze, Silver and Gold Partners) that entitle the holder to various benefits under the program.

Business Partner

All Derdack Partners start as Business Partner and introduce Enterprise Alert to potential leads

  • Sign the Derdack Partner Agreement
  • Benefit from a straight partner discount
  • Decide from here where to go to: Become a Reseller, a Full Service Partner or remain a Business Partner


Reselling Partner

Sell Enterprise Alert on your own and get familiar with the product and the Derdack Team

  • Pass the Pre-Sales Exam
  • Reach different company levels (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and benefit from higher partner discounts

Full Service Partner

Sell Enterprise Alert and additionally offer support, installation, consulting and training services for your customers with the help of your own Derdack Certified Professionals (DCPs)

  • Pass the Technical Certification Exam
  • Reach different company levels (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and benefit from higher discounts
  • Offer professional services

Our Derdack Partners speak for themselves

Derdack and Inovativ have a long standing partnership, helping our joint customers to implement a reliable enterprise notification solution through Microsoft System Center. The business-driven approach of this partnership has led to successful results every time.


Maarten Goet

Managing Director / InSpark

Through a partnership with Derdack we gained a foothold with great new companies that wouldn’t have been possible without Derdack’s Enterprise Alert. The communication with Derdack is very easy and fast. They support you during all phases from pre-sales to integration, support and beyond.


Nico Deconinck

CEO / M2Mcom