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Lightweight & Simple

SIGNL4 is an easy-to-use, plug&play cloud solution for critical mobile alerting and anywhere response.

SIGNL4 is a plug&play cloud solution. It automatically notifies teams on their mobile devices in case of critical events. Drop an email, call a webhook and SIGNL4 reliably notifies active staff on duty through persistent mobile push, text and voice calls with acknowledgement, tracking and escalation.

SIGNL4 adds mobile alerting to your apps and systems in minutes. It integrates with hundreds of systems and 3rd party apps like Slack, Splunk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Azure IoT, AWS, Solarwinds, Nagios, SCADA.

SIGNL4 provides for an up to 10x faster response to critical alerts, major incidents and urgent service requests. It boosts your teams agility and responsiveness.

Enterprise Alert®

Complete and Customizable

Enterprise Alert is an enterprise-class alerting solution for on-premises and private cloud deployments.

Derdack’s Enterprise Alert is an enterprise-class incident notification & management software. It automates alerting processes and enables a fast, reliable and effective response to incidents threatening the continuity of mission-critical systems and services. Enterprise Alert combines four pillars to effectively respond to incidents – automated alert notifications, advanced duty scheduling, ad-hoc collaboration and anywhere incident remediation.

Enterprise Alert has been specifically designed for large and global enterprises and organizations with the highest demands in reliability, productivity, integrations and security. That is why our product is one of the very few, if not the only one, that fully addresses the needs that come with running business-critical operations such as enterprise IT, manufacturing lines, energy & utility creation and distribution.

Enterprise Alert leads to an up to 10x faster incident response, 60% reduced downtime of critical systems and 95% less false alerts.


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Enterprise Alert


  • Full SaaS (public cloud)
  • Monthly subscription (per user)
  • Self-service, SLA support optional
  • On-premise or hosted
  • Perpetual with annual support & maintenance


  • Organizations looking for a quick benefit and rapid implementation
  • Organizations with cloud affinity
  • Organizations with microservice architecture approach
  • Organizations with high security and data privacy needs (Active Directory, ADFS)
  • Organizations looking for a highly customizable, deeply embedded middleware


  • Out-of-the-box, plug&play 1-way connections
  • 2-way integrations require automation tools like Zapier or scripting
  • Push, text and voice communication out-of-the-box/included
  • Embeds into existing on-premise IT systems and communication infrastructure
  • 2-way agentless connectors for major IT and other systems
  • Leaves existing infrastructure untouched


  • Lightweight, out-of-the-box
  • “1 size fits all”
  • Team-centric, user control
  • Platform-like, highly customizable
  • Hierarchical, addressing large enterprise needs
  • Top-down control and administration model