Other Vertical Use Cases

Notify. Respond. Resolve – a cross-industry solution

Enabling a super-fast incident response and resolution


Derdack’s Enterprise Alert solution is adding rapid response and resolution capabilities to ITSM systems of municipalities, state  and federal bodies. Derdack also delivers automated alerting and emergency communication systems to international and military organizations.

Health Care

Derdack’s solution for a fast and effective incident response is used in healthcare to ensure the availability of critical IT systems which are becoming the backbone of today’s healthcare organizations. Beyond this, Derdack is used to automate communication workflows with staff and patients.


E-commerce requires the highest up-time of customer-servicing IT. Grocery sales require uninterrupted cooling of perishable goods. Reliable and real-time alerting provided by Derdack are a fundamental part of responding to any threats in such scenarios.


A rapidly growing number of universities and other educational bodies are using Derdack to ensure continuity of their IT systems. With a broad set of APIs, Derdack’s solution embeds seamlessly into all types of heterogeneous environments.