Mobile Alerting in Manufacturing

Incident alerting and service dispatching on the shop floor


“We are firefighters. This system keeps us going.”

John Magnet, Factory Automation Lead

8:00 AM

Punch in

I start my shift with a simple punch in on my mobile phone. Now I get machine alerts and maintenance jobs directly and in real-time – wherever I am on the plant floor.
09:30 AM

Mobile Dashboard

On my mobile phone I have a full overview on all incidents and maintenance jobs and who of my team is busy and is handling what.
10:00 AM

Incident Alert

Via push, text or voice call I get machine alerts and maintenance jobs on my mobile in real-time and with all information I need. And I don’t have to stay in the control room.
Enterprise Alert Mobile App
02:00 PM

Machine Status

What is the current status? Are all my tools up and running? The timeline provides a fast overview
Mobile Alert Notifications
02:30 PM

Service Dispatching

Service dispatching is automated and I receive my maintenance jobs directly on my mobile app. With the mobile app I also have access to all experts and managers and it is super easy to set up a chat or conference call.
03:30 PM

Emergency Situation

Every Wednesday we do an emergency exercise. Everyone needs to assemble and evacuate and I can use automated call-outs to alert my team, see that they respond and ensure they are safe.

Benefits in manufacturing

Seamless integration with plant floor tools

A full 2-way integration allows to “speak” to literally any plant floor system, robot or event generating source like PCS or MES. OPC UA / S7/ REST and SOAP / SNMP / Command Line and other Open APIs are standard features of Derdack.

Minimized interruptions of manufacturing process

Any factory or facility needs to run highly effectively to be profitable. Avoiding or minimizing interruptions is key. Guaranteed alert delivery and full automation, tracking and audit trailing of work orders and notifications are standard features provided.

Shorter Meantime-To-Repair (MTTR)

Targeted 2-way notifications to the right people at the right time with the right content. Support of all communication channels Push, Text, voice, email, native smartphone apps incl. e.g. Cisco IP Push phones on the plant floor.

Reduction of manual dispatching

Integration with your back end systems and plant floor tools along with team schedules allows for automated dispatching of available resources. Supervising of your e.g. OHV becomes much easier and fully automated.

Freeing HR resources

As there no longer is a need for manning your control room to constantly monitor for interruptions and issues, your team can be on the plant floor and work on issues while dispatching new incoming work orders at the same time.

Emergency notifications

Derdack offers emergency call outs in case of plant floor incidents for fast and efficient evacuation. See responses and team acknowledgements in real-time and make sure no-one gets left behind.

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