Azure Marketplace

Enterprise Alert on Azure

Here is a simple step by step guide helping you to get started:

1: Go to

Go to the Azure Marketplace (direct link on the bottom of this page)

2: Spin VM

Install your chosen VM

3: Initialize

Initialize and configure Enterprise Alert

4: License

Request a trial or buy a commercial license and deploy it

5: Ready

You are ready to go and use Enterprise Alert

Azure Certified

Enterprise Alert on MS Azure Marketplace

We are offering a pre-configured virtual machine on Azure, helping you to get start quickly and by-passing a manual installation of the software. Commercially, this offering is a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model, i.e. you still need to purchase a license from Derdack or through a Derdack partner. You also need a trial license key from Derdack if you with to test-drive Enterprise Alert on this pre-configured Azure VM.