Mobile Incident Management App

Anywhere incident response and resolution

Derdack’s mobile incident management app plays a crucial role in facilitating a 10x faster response and resolution of critical incidents in IT and OT. It represents a powerful mobile endpoint for actionable alerts as well as incident-centric collaboration and anywhere remedition. The consolidation of all relevants tools – alerting & alert management, collaboration, remediation – into a single mobile app enables a much faster and more effective response to unexpected situations.

App-enabled Alerting

  • Single pane of glass for all relevant alerts/jobs and their status on-the-go
  • Synchronized alert status with back-end systems, e.g. ITSM like SCOM or HP SM
  • True mobility – anywhere incident management app
  • Push notifications with acknowledgement even on wearables like Apple Watch
  • Reliability through tracking and escalations
  • Effective through alert enrichment leading to meaningful messages
  • Intelligent signalling with severity-related alert tones
  • and much more…
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One-touch Collaboration

  • On-the-go visibility of team and shift peers
  • Direct and ad-hoc one-touch access to other teams and their members
  • Ad-hoc collaboration via multiple channels and phone conferences/bridges
  • Incident detail sharing/forwarding
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Oncall Duty Visibility

  • Display of duty status
  • Punch-in/out option
  • Overview on all oncall engineers on duty
  • Integration with your phone’s calendar
  • Display of backups and standins
  • Duty reminders
Derdack Smartphone

Anywhere Resolution

  • Anywhere access to IT automation
  • Anywhere execution of pre-defined actions, e.g. machine reset
  • Recommended actions related to an incident
  • Multi-layer security concept
Derdack Smartphone

Highest Security

  • Latest security architecture
  • ADFS, WAP and Active Directory
  • MFA supported
  • Edge authentication
  • Token-based authentication (OAuth2)
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Please, note that Incident Management App requires the Enterprise Alert back-end installed. Enterprise Alert connects to a myriad of alert sources for consolidation and for alerting the right people at the right time.

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