Complementing your Infrastructure

Add reliable alerting and anywhere incident response to your systems

Advanced Connectors

Derdack offers advanced 2-way, vendor-certified connectors for leading ITSM tools. Integration is 2-way to ensure that any action like an alert acknowledgement or the successful closing of incidents is reflected across all involved systems, i.e. starting from the event source (e.g. your monitoring system) all the way through to Derdack’s smartphone apps.

Plug & Play Connectors

Derdack provides the full range of plug & play connectors that allow you to integrate with literally any kind of back-end system. Benefit from our powerful REST API, SOAP / web services,command line, file interface or our SNMP trap receiver for plug&play integration with systems like Solarwinds, Netcool, OmniBus and myriads of others – you can choose what works best in your context and centralize your processes across your heterogeneous environments.

Industry Protocols

If you come from the manufacturing world or rely on OPC /  SCADA and other industry systems, you have different integration requirements. Derdack helps you with full integration to industry leading PCS/MES/SCADA and other plantfloor or utility tools and you can fully automate your incident handling and staffdispatching with our Industry Edition offering UPC UA.

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Jira Service Desk






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“There is a wide choice for integration to your companies infrastructure that allow you to take advantage and leverage of your existing infrastructure for existing ticketing & monitoring systems.”

Mike Patterson, Systems Engineer II at Advance Auto Parts, US

Advanced Connectors

Codeless and agentless 2-way integration

Derdack provides vendor-certified, agentless 2-way connectors for leading IT, ITSM and OT systems. Only 2-way integration enables closed-loop alerting processes. While a simple email forwarding of event information or webhook calls (as common in simple SaaS solutions) can trigger alert notifications, such approach lacks the update of incidents in the ITSM layer once an alert was acknowledged or even closed.

When an incident is closed in the original source, for instance when the problem is solved, 2-way integration can stop ongoing alerting processes and even allow to inform already alerted engineers. Simple APIs lack these abilities.

On top, this approach ensures that all parameters from the 3rd party system are transmitted to Enterprise Alert and can be processed. And finally, this is the industry’s only code-less integration, making connectivity a child’s play. And you don’t even have to touch your monitoring or business system, we connect to.

Advanced Connectors for

System Center

System Center


Micro Focus Software


IBM Tivoli


Microsoft OMS

BMC Software

BMC Software


Other Systems

Plug&Play Connectors

For unlimited integration capabilities

Derdack provides a range of agentless connectors, some of them are even customizable so they can adapt to your existing environment and systems. We believe that an integration doesn’t mean sending an email from one IT system to another. Integration requires the passing of a multitude of parameters in a 2-way fashion. Only then systems do have a true ‘conversation’. We do offer this out of the box.

Derdack’s Connectors are based on

  • SOAP/HTTP(s)
  • SNMP
  • Command Line
  • XML files
  • SMTP
  • REST API (NEW) – Video

Parameters are required for a granular filtering and assignment and are the foundation for targeted alert notifications – the single one effective way of alerting. 2-way integration is required to pass back the result of an alerting process, e.g. the assigned person. Simple APIs lack these capabilities.

Industry Protocols

Connecting your OT and IIoT

Derdack uses OPC as the primary connectivity standard and supports both- OPC UA and DA as protocols. Alternatively, simpler or customizable APIs like SOAP, SNMP or SMTP can be used. Based on these plug&play and bi-directional integrations, Derdack’s solution links machines, sensors and manufacturing systems with responsible, qualified and available factory staff and automatically sends incidents, quality issues and maintenance jobs via text, IM or voice or directly to worker’s smartphones.

Derdack has been a member of the OPC Foundation since 2008. The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between production devices.

Plug & Play 2-way Connectors for