Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for Prometheus Alert Manager


 Why Enterprise Alert

When critical systems fail, Enterprise Alert is the fastest way to alert your staff, engineers, IT admins on call and “in the field”. Enterprise Alert provides reliable notifications via mobile app push, text and voice calls with tracking, escalations and duty scheduling.

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring tool that monitors availability and performance. It gives you simple access to relevant data for example using Grafana. Enterprise Alert easily enables Prometheus to notify mobile teams in the field or on call in real-time. This speeds up their response significantly and frees resources in the operations.

Pairing Prometheus Alert Manager with Enterprise Alert can enhance your daily operations with an extension to your team wherever it is. The integration does not only allow you to know when a critical issue has occurred but also when it was resolved no matter where you are.

 How it works

Prometheus compatibility allows you to distribute operational alerts to a mobile Enterprise Alert team by using REST API. Persistent notifications and acknowledgement requirements ensure that issues will be handled before it is too late.

Integration capabilities

  • IT staff is alerted via mobile push, SMS text and voice call
  • Staff can acknowledge and take ownership for critical events that occur
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • Communicate within an alert to address a particular problem
  • Inbound webhook establishes connection from Prometheus Alert Manager to Enterprise Alert
  • On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time


  • System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring


The integration of Prometheus and Enterprise Alert is done using the Alert Manager that is part of Prometheus.  Configuring the REST API endpoint in the alertmanager.yml config file will push alerts to Enterprise Alert.


Integration Steps

First you need to create a REST endpoint in Enterprise Alert. For more information on this please see the REST API

Next, you will need to modify the alertmanager.yml file. Here is an example of how the configuration should look:

– name: prometheus-enterprisealert
– url: http://servername/EAWebService/rest/events?apiKey={apikey}
send_resolved: false

– job
group_interval: 5m
group_wait: 30s
receiver: prometheus-enterprisealert
repeat_interval: 10m
– match:
alertname: Watchdog
receiver: prometheus-enterprisealert


We are testing the alerts by sending a dummy alert to the Prometheus API. You can find more information here:

Enterprise Alert will receive these alerts as incoming events


Creating a policy from event will then raise notifications based on the policy conditions and destinations. Alerts are visible through the Web Portal as well as the Mobile App.