Anywhere remediation

Leave your notebook at home

Troubleshoot and resolve incidents from anywhere

Handling critical incidents shouldn’t stop at acknowledging an alert. That is why we have created “remote actions” and enable you to trigger IT automation tasks directly from your smartphone. Those include:

  • Remote execution of IT automation or other system jobs
  • Launching of IT automation jobs via smartphone app, phone call, SMS text, IM or email
  • Smartphone Apps for iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry
  • Convenient job launch including parameter input and pre-populated parameters
  • Integration with Windows Task Scheduler to run batch jobs on any host Integration with System Center Orchestrator and HP Operations Orchestration to remotely execute existing runbooks
  • Highest security through “Remote Action Policies” including execution rights

You can see this in action here for Microsoft System Center Orchestrator.

Derdack Smartphone