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Voice calls with text-to-speech via SIP (on prem hardware & cloud providers) incl. inbound call routing, voice clipping, etc


SMS-Text (2-way via SMPP, Modems, Carrier Gateways, etc)

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (Microsoft Skype, Teams, Slack, Threema, etc)


Email (Integrated SMTP Server, Clients for SMTP, POP3, IMAP)


Push notifications (native for all mobile platforms)

Ultimate Reliability for critical Alert Notifications

“Enterprise Alert gives us peace of mind that critical issues are always being taken care of. Our response has become much faster , almost real – time.”

Roger Salinas, IT Operations, Frost Bank

Enterprise Alert provides automated, persistent alert notifications going far beyond the common 1- or 2-way alert notifications offered by other systems. It tracks the delivery of notifications, acknowledgements and replies and reacts automatically on non-delivery or non-reply by utilizing escalation chains, on-call schedules and presence information.

  • Parallel, multi-target, multi-channel alert notifications
  • Persistent, closed-loop notifications
  • Accurate notifications to single users and teams (broadcast & escalations)
  • Fully automated, multi-tier escalations
  • Automated, real-time tracking of notification delivery
  • Automated processing of responses (alert acknowledgements)
  • Fully automated escalation chains
  • Automated ‘hopping’ of communication channels, i.e. Find-Me/Follow-Me
  • Visually appealing schedules and duty rosters
  • “Alert Policies” for convenient management of alert workflows
  • “On-the-fly” compilation of alert notification messages
  • Easy holiday and absence management
  • Context- and incident-related alert notifications workflows
  • Destination-related message composing
  • Alert storm/flood prevention
  • Powerful suppression of duplicate events
  • Real-time reporting
  • Full audit trailing of notification and alarm processes
Derdack Smartphone

Derdack Alerting Process

Process Event

Receive event from 3rd party system like IT monitoring and normalize it for further processing (event bus)

Noise Filtering

Check for relevance, duplicates, floods, auto-recovery delay, etc to reduce noise


Enrich event/alert with additional information, e.g. from a custom CMDB

Determine Destination

Find out who is responsible (team, worker), available (duty schedule, follow-the-sun schedule) and how the escalation path looks

Notification Style

Build the proper notification chain based e.g. on alert severity, personal profiles and preferences, team settings

Build Message

Dynamically build alert message combining free text, event parameters, etc

Identify Resolution Actions

Retrieve recommended remediation actions and either attach those to the alert message for remote user triggering or automatically execute

Persistent Notifications

Notify persistently including channel hopping, delivery tracking, processing of acknowlegements, auto-escalations, etc

Automated Escalations

Fully automated, multi-tier escalation procedures, e.g. from team A to team B to manager on duty

Process Responses

Process responses including acknowledgements and anywhere remediation actions

Update 3rd Party Systems

Update 3rd party systems with ownership information, annotations and execute remotely triggered remediation actions, e.g. runbooks

How it works

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Reliability and Accountability

Enterprise Alert is the foundation for targeted alert notifications, reducing “noise” and increasing accountability in critical incidents. If used properly, Enterprise Alert has an immediate impact, e.g. by applying its targeted notifications and automated in-team escalation methods .

Overcoming the “broadcast dilemma”, Enterprise Alert addresses the appropriate responsible person instead of groups and links critical incidents with people who know what to do and can act. It can also escalate automatically to other staff members if the first-line person does not respond in time.

To complete this picture we offer on-call team management, multi-team schedules and team rotations.

Centralize and Consolidate

Along with the exploding number of existing systems that monitor IT, business processes, manufacturing and facilities the need for automated alert notifications on business-critical events is also growing.

Enterprise Alert consolidates the existing notification infrastructure and provides scalability for future demands by acting as a central notification hub for multiple event sources in the enterprise. This leaves enterprises with a single point of alarm & notification, configuration, workflow and data management.

To ensure the necessary reliability and performance Enterprise Alert can be set up in redundant, high-availability configuration. Numerous and flexible APIs enable integration with any 3rd party application or system.

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