Incident Collaboration

ChatOps, Sharing and Conferencing

Get in touch with people who can help

When a critical incident happens, a speedy response is key. However, analyzing the root cause of an incident is often a cross-team effort and requires speaking to other subject matter experts or engineers of other teams.

Enterprise Alert provides convenient mobile anywhere access to all people that matter: experts, other engineers on call, managers and even affected users. With a single touch of a button you can connect via phone, chat or text message. No need to scroll directories or search an address book. All contacts you need are easily accessible.

A phone conference is just one-click away. Simply select the people you want to talk to and press the phone conference button…

Enterprise Alert®
ChatOps with Skype for Business and Lync

ChatOps with Skype for Business and Lync

When you connect Enterprise Alert to SfB, it automatically registers as a SfB user and creates a ChatBot. The Enterprise Alert ChatBot can alert users via IM. The user can now start communicating with the ChatBot and submit commands for alert management. Acknowledgement or Closing of an alert are possible out-of-the-box. The alerted user can also invite other peers and experts to this conversation, thus automatically sharing the incident alert with others.

The solution is extensible through the Application Programming Toolkit of Enterprise Alert. You can add any command you want to control other systems and execute actions. Enterprise Alert is able to parse incoming IMs and then trigger actions like

  • creating an incident ticket in SCSM, HPE Service Manager or ServiceNow
  • execute a batch job on a server
  • trigger an automation job in SCO or Azure
  • etc

Who is on call?

Derdack offers convenient access to who-is-on-call information, e.g. embedded into SharePoint or on mobile device with great one-touch communication options. We know that communication is key to effectively resolve critical incidents, so we do all that we can to make communicating as simple and convenient as possible.

Enterprise Alert provides:

  • Great on-call visibility across teams
  • Incident/alert sharing via email, text and IM
  • One-touch communication options: voice call, text, IM and email
  • Ad-hoc voice conferencing and call bridges
  • Team voice lines with automated call transfer to on-call engineers
  • Automated call transfer to on-call engineers
  • BYOD for on-call duty
Mobile Alert Notifications