Enterprise IT Alerting

Reliable mobile alerting for out-of-business hours


“With Enterprise Alert we can make sure we get the alerts. Enterprise Alert is a solution that is sure to deliver without the disadvantage of any unnecessary complexities.”

Janssen Jones, Associate Director at Indiana University

Derdack Smartphone
4:00 PM

On-Call Reminder

I don’t need to worry about when my actual on-call starts as I receive a reminder and can check things anytime. My on-call calendar is conveniently synchronized with my mobile app.
Derdack Smartphone
7:00 PM
Reliable Alerting
I know that I can rely on receiving meaningful alerts according to my preference via voice, push, text, IM and email. I can manage alarms with ease, i.e. acknowledge, decline, even forward and check all relevant parameters. Plus, there is always a backup and escalation path.
Derdack Smartphone
08:00 PM
Ad-hoc Time off
Whenever needed, I can coveniently take an ad-hoc time off knowing that alerts and calls are routed automatically to my backup or stand-in. 
Derdack Smartphone
02:00 AM
Protect my kid's sleep
I don’t want to wake up my family when an alert comes in at night. I can set ascending ringtones starting off very softly and I can easily define severities with different push sounds per criticality.
Who is on call Collarobation
02.30 AM
Anywhere Collaboration
I need a little help and guidance. I don’t have all phone numbers and contact details and it is the middle of the night. Let’s see who else is on-call and set up a conference bridge from my smartphone dashboard.
Derdack Smartphone
04:30 AM
Anywhere Remediation
The one thing I love, is that I don’t have to fire up my laptop and go through an extensive troubleshooting. Thanks to the help I got and my recommended remote actions, I can just restart the service and go back to sleep.

Benefits for your IT Ops

Automated Alerting

Alerts in real-time through all communication channels. Native smartphone apps, all OSs supported. Targeted mobile notifications with meaningful parameters – all fully automated, multi-modal with full audit trailing, escalations and tracking.

Anywhere Collaboration

Who is on-call? Anywhere access to on-call staff & experts including ad-hocphone conferences, call bridging and transfer. All from your smart device and the minute you need it.

App-enabled remediation

First responder actions from your smart device allow for anywhere actions. Tied in with your IT automation infrastructure, you can configure and trigger service restarts and other remediation activities allowing you to neutralize or even resolve incidents/alerts on the go.

On-call management

A very intuitive Drag & Drop on-call calendar allows for easy scheduling and maintaining of on-call times. Define primary, back-up and stand-in responsibilities and synch everything with your Outlook calendar.


Being on-call is never easy and you want to make sure you spend enough time with your family. Customize your personal profile incl. ringtones per severity, ascending ringtones or other options, allowing your loved ones to sleep while you are being notified.

Centralized Alerting

Consolidation and centralization of alerting into a single, highly available platform with codeless and open connectors to any ITOM and ITSM system.

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