SCOM and SCSM Alert Notifications.

Get System Center fit for 24/7 Operations

Best in class Alert Notifications and Mobile App

Tired of managing all your alerts with SCOM subscriptions? Do you need reliable alert notifications after business hours? Too many alerts at night? No tracking, no escalations? No convenient on-call scheduling in System Center? No mobile app?

Microsoft System Center needs to be complemented for IT 24/7 operations and Enterprise Alert is the leading solution for reliable and mobile alert notifications and anywhere app-enabled incident response for Microsoft System Center.

EnterpriseAlert Circle - SystemCenter Software

Enterprise Alert is a software package you need to install along with your System Center installation. It connects to System Center components via 2-way plug-ins. A free trial version of the software is available. The accompanying mobile apps are available in the appstores at no charge.

Added features to SCOM, SCSM and SCO

Noise reduction

Alert filtering, de-duplication, flood protection, severity checks, responsibility mapping, alert auto-recovery support.

Anywhere Service Desk

Create and manage service tickets on-the-go. Notify analysts automatically from SCSM.

Alert enrichment

Enrich alerts from SCOM with information from any source, e.g. your customer CMDB, to create meaningful alert messages.

2-way integration

The industry’s only plug&play 2-way integration for all System Center components: SCOM, SCSM and SCO, enabling alert status updates from a mobile device or via text reply into SCOM. Active Directory-based user management.

24/7 IT Operations Duty with Derdack

Integrating Microsoft SCOM, SCSM and SCO


A Microsoft certified application

As a longstanding Microsoft partner and Enterprise Cloud Alliance member, Derdack is highly experienced in working with Microsoft technologies. Numerous software installations based on Microsoft operating and database systems, training and certification of employees as well as a number of successful customer references qualify Derdack for the Gold Competency in ISV Software Solutions.

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