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Getting HPE ITSM and BSM fit for 24/7 operations

Are you looking at moving from a 24/7 staffed NOC to working with on-call teams? Are you in need of reliably alerting your people after business hours and on public holiday? Are your on-call people receiving too many alerts at night? Do you need a “who’s on call” dashboard?

Derdack’s EnterpriseAlert is a HPE certified application adding reliable and mobile alerting to the entire HPE Software stack including HPE NNM(i), OM(i), Opsbridge, SM and OO. Derdack even goes beyond alerting by adding anywhere cross-team collaboration and app-enabled remedial of incidents to your HPE ITSM and BSM – all out-of-the-box.

Explains how to complement the HPE ITSM and BSM software with Derdack Enterprise Alert 2016 for anywhere remedial of IT incidents and superfast and reliable alerting.

Complementing HPE ITSM and BSM

Advanced alerting

Automated alert notifications by voice, text, IM, push, email with real-time tracking and escalations. Noise filtering, de-duplication, flood protection, severity checks, responsibility mapping, alert auto-recovery support.

On-call scheduling

Intuitive drag & drop on-call, 24/ and follow-the-sun team scheduling including “who’s on call” dashboard, even on a mobile device.

Remote runbooks

App-enabled execution of HPOO workflows and scripts for ‘anywhere’ incident troubleshooting and remediation. Results in a much faster response and resolution.

2-way integration

The industry’s only certified 2-way integration for HPE NNM(i), OM(i), Opsbridge, SM, BSM and OO, enabling alert/incident status updates from a mobile device or via text reply. Active Directory-based user management. And more.

Why 2-way integration matters

Only 2-way integration enables closed-loop alerting processes. While a simple email forwarding of event information or webhook calls (as common in simple SaaS solutions) can trigger alert notifications, such approach lacks the update of incidents in HPE Software once an alert was acknowledged or even closed.

When an incident is closed in the original source, for instance when the problem is solved, 2-way integration can stop ongoing alerting processes and even allow to inform already alerted engineers. Simple APIs lack those abilities.

A HPE certified application

HP Certification Integration

Enterprise Alert has passed HP certification testing for HP Network Node Manager(i), HP Service Manager, HP Operations Manager(i) and HP Operations Orchestration.


Derdack has been an HP Business Partner since 2006 and markets Enterprise Alert as the leading alarms, notifications & incident management software of choice for HPE’s Software product line. In 2010, Derdack was awarded the status of Silver Business Partner and in 2013, Derdack became Gold Business Partner. Derdack is Gold level member of the Enterprise Management Alliance Program (EMAP).