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Individual choices and pricing

You decide which road to take – do you prefer to run everything on-premise or is the cloud the way to go for you? And what about your budget – do you prefer a onetime investment or a subscription based licensing and pricing model? Derdack offers all options and you simply choose what is right for you.

Perpetual License

  • Onetime payment w/ reoccurring costs for support/updates

  • Installation on premises or private cloud (virtual machine)


  • Annual subscription including support/updates

  • Installation on premises or private cloud (virtual machines)

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Sales FAQ

What is the delivery model of Enterprise Alert® (on-premise, SaaS or hosted service)?

Enterprise Alert is available as on-premise/private cloud software as well as a pre-configured VM on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
This way it holds the best value for our primary customer group for several reasons: reliability, integration, security, performance.

How is Enterprise Alert® licensed and what are my reoccurring costs?

Derdack offers two license models: 1) a perpetual licensing with annual support&update assurance contract and 2) a subscription-based licensing with an annual term.  In general, pricing is determined based on the set of features (product edition) and the number of users who receive and respond to alert notifications.

Can I look at an evaluation license or demo environment?

We do offer both a free trial version for on-premise evaluations and an online demo environment. You can also try Enterprise Alert from the Azure Marketplace (Available by the end of June)

Do you provide local support?

Derdack provides global support and deployments and serves customers in over 50 countries all over the world. Local support is provided through a network of integration partners, certified engineers and international 24×7 phone and online support.

Who is using the product?

Derdack’s Enterprise Alert is a trusted brand for more than 150 customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Leading enterprises like Daimler, Rehau, Sheraton, Advance Auto Parts, Boehringer Ingelheim, BMW and many others trust in Enterprise Alert to add an additional dimension to their alert notification and incident handling processes. For more details and customer references please, follow the link below. Show references

How do I get access to new product releases?

All customers under a valid support contract with Derdack have update assurance included. This means they are granted free access to all new major product releases. Exceptions might relate to customers with support contracts signed prior to 2014. Please, contact Derdack Sales if you are uncertain about your status.

Do you have a Derdack user community?

Yes, we do. Our Derdack User Group is open to all Derdack customers who purchased an Enterprise Alert license or are running Enterprise Alert through Azure. It is a global community that is very interactive and holds frequent meetings and sessions.