“As an IT Manager it is very important to me to service our customers to the best of our abilities. The new go-to-word is “ISO compliant” which means you need a process that is trackable and auditable. If an SLA is breached, you need to see where the delay is and have evidence of who or what has caused it.”

Jean Muller, IT Manager at Nexio


A fast solution that integrates with different monitoring & helpdesk systems

Business Challenge

  • A fast solution that is flexible enough to integrate with different monitoring and helpdesk systems (e.g. Solarwinds / BMC Helix)
  • A robust & very reliable solution as backbone for support
  • A process that can be fully tracked and audited for ISO compliance

Business benefits

  • 30 min per incident faster response time
  • Ability to trigger parallel processes to meet SLAs faster
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • 100% success rate in meeting SLA response time targets for Managed Services clients

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