Alert Notifications for Splunk

24/7 IT Alerting & Anywhere Response


Reliable and superfast mobile alerting

If you are relying on Splunk for monitoring and analizing your IT infrastructure operations you reliably need to know what’s going on before issues impact your service quality. With Derdack’s Enterprise Alert you get enterprise-class, real-time mobile alert notifications with tracking and escalations via voice, text, push and IM. On-call duty scheduling and intelligent targeting included. And responding to critical incidents doesn’t stop at acknowledging an alert. You can run automation runbooks directly from your smartphone to remedy issues in your IT systems.

Derdack Enterprise Alert is the leading professional alerting solution for Splunk.

See how seamlessly Derdack Enterprise Alert (2017 Update 1 and higher) connects to Splunk for an advanced mobile alerting experience

Complementing Splunk

Advanced alerting

Automated alert notifications by voice, text, IM, push, email with real-time tracking and escalations. Noise filtering, de-duplication, flood protection, severity checks, responsibility mapping, alert auto-recovery support.

On-call scheduling

Intuitive drag & drop on-call, 24/ and follow-the-sun team scheduling including “who’s on call” dashboard, even on a mobile device.

Remote runbooks

Anywhere, app-enabled remedial actions. Automation runbooks can be triggered from the Derdack mobile app.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration based on REST webhook with full access to Splunk alert details in the Derdack mobile app

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