Mobile Alerts and Alarm Management for Data Centers

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Reliable, mobile, auditable Alert Notifications and Incident Response

Targeted and automated notifications to IT staff and on-call-teams holds an enormous potential for reducing the acknowledgement and response time to critical IT incidents. Enterprise Alert provides:

  • Fast and automated alert notifications to accountable teams and persons on critical incidents in operating servers, networks and applications
  • Mobile alerts to on-call teams and IT staff via text, voice, IM, email and push
  • Support for on-call planning and on-call alerting incl. follow-the-sun scenarios
  • Auditable notifications
  • General emergency notifications for particularly critical incidents
  • Significantly accelerated response and accountability for incidents leads to reduced downtimes

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24/7 Protection Without the Expense – The Mobile NOC

It is common practice for many large and medium-sized enterprises to operate a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). A NOC is designed to continuously monitor IT, telecoms and core operations enabling it to immediately respond to any critical events that might threaten business continuity. Permanent staffing at a NOC is standard practice, however certain factors put pressure on the long-term viability of this model.

Derdack's Enterprise Alert represents a new breed of software product that is capable of intelligently ensuring the delivery of alerts – and it provides far more than this. In combination with a powerful IT monitoring and management suite such as Microsoft System Center or IBM Tivoli, Enterprise Alert fully automates the overall alert procedure. No manual interaction is needed to deliver a critical notification to the responsible person or group.

A rapidly growing number of enterprises have adopted Enterprise Alert as the foundation of a mobile NOC strategy (making permanent NOC staffing obsolete) as it provides the reliability and speed in information delivery that is needed to ensure a rapid response to critical incidents.

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Mobile Notifications and Incident Response for all major IT Management Products

Enterprise Alert complements all major IT management suites with reliable and mobile alert notifications and smartphone apps for incident response and management.


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