Reliable Alert Notifications for ServiceNow.

24/7 IT Alerting & Anywhere Response

EnterpriseAlert Circle - ServiceNow Software
EnterpriseAlert Circle - ServiceNow Software

Reliable and mobile ITSM Alert Notifications

Enterprise Alert offers multi-modal, fully automated IT alert notifications for ServiceNow customers expanding the reach of incident alerting and management to mobile and on-call teams. IT service staff can be persistently notified through multiple channels (via voice, smartphone push, text and email), can respond to alerts and accept ownership of incidents. Smartphone apps enable remote access to incidents in ServiceNow, with escalations to other teams being fully automated.

How to integrate Derdack Enterprise Alert 2016 with ServiceNow (2-way, plug&play)

Complementing ServiceNow

Advanced alerting

Automated alert notifications by voice, text, IM, push, email with real-time tracking and escalations. Noise filtering, de-duplication, flood protection, severity checks, responsibility mapping, alert auto-recovery support.

On-call scheduling

Intuitive drag & drop on-call, 24/ and follow-the-sun team scheduling including “who’s on call” dashboard, even on a mobile device.

Mobile App

Smartphone apps for remote incident management via iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android.

2-way integration

Certified 2-way integration, enabling alert/incident status updates from a mobile device or via text reply. Active Directory-based user management. And more.

Integration facts

  • Linkage into Incident Management of ServiceNow 2-way integration, i.e. incidents are retrieved and updated fully automatically
  • Retrieval of all incident fields allows embedding relevant incident information in alert notifications and to route incidents to the right target via Enterprise Alert
  • Personalized selection of which status an incident in ServiceNow should get assigned, when it was acknowledged or closed remotely via Enterprise Alert
  • When an incident is acknowledged remotely the person will also be assigned to the incident in ServiceNow automatically
  • When an incident is closed remotely (e.g. via the Enterprise Alert Mobile App) the connector sets a close code and inserts original close notes the remote worker may has provided
  • Integration is based on the Web Service API of ServiceNow
A ServiceNow certified integration
ServiceNow certified integration

Derdack Enterprise Alert has received the official “ServiceNow Certified Integration” label – having passed a set of interoperability, security and performance test criteria as defined and witnessed by ServiceNow.

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