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Conducting maintenance tasks and fixing issues in remote locations has never been easier. I love the fact that I can do it all from the palm of my hand.

Josef Olongusi, Senior field dispatcher, Local Energy Corp.

07:00 AM
Shift handover
Punching in on my smartphone app I am now taking over and will receive potential alerts. Tim can relax and go home.
Oncall Scheduling
08:00 AM
SAP sync
The latest on-call calendar changes are being synced and updated. I love the fact that the system is always up to date.
Derdack Apple Watch
01:53 PM
2-way alert notification
I receive an alert while driving and can just listen to the message, acknowledge and get details on where I need to go to.
Derdack Smartphone
04:34 PM
Repair and close alert
While fixing the issue I take notes and can communicate my findings from my smartphone app. I then close the alert by just pushing a button.
Derdack Smartphone
05:00 PM
End of shift
Oh great Marvin has taken over and I am done for today. Love the push notification signaling that I am off for the day.

Benefits in Energy & Utilities

Mobile 2-way notifications for remote dispatching

IT systems in the industry are often spread out across remote locations like field offices, energy stations and meters, drilling sites, offshore rigs and other areas. Covering the full range of mobility you can dispatch your field staff efficiently and in real-time.

SCADA integration

To increase flexibility and ensure full automation you can integrate with your SCADA system via web service APIs. This allows for true 2-way notifications and status updates for your event sources.

Legacy paging systems

Out in the field legacy paging systems are still commonly used. Derdack supports your devices via modem dial-up and ensures that everyone stays connected.

Support of sophisticated workflows

Non-standard workflows involving a complex process can be a necessity to cover all relevant aspects. Derdack offers a powerful integrated scripted engine (VB/Java) that enables roll out of your more sophisticated workflows and individual notification scenarios.

Syncing with your SAP

If you are managing your on-call and duty calendars in your SAP system, Derdack provides the option to import and sync your data and contact information from your SAP.

High availability

Disaster recovery is a core topic in energy & utility and we provide for a range of set up options allowing for a distributed architecture across different geographical locations.

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