Mobile alerting with tracking & dispatching for Schneider Electric


 Why Enterprise Alert

Schneider Electric provides end-point to cloud integration connecting products, controls, software and services.

Enterprise Alert automates alerting processes and enables a fast, reliable and effective response to incidents that threaten the continuity of services and operations. This is especially important for mission-critical systems such as OT, IoT and IT around the clock. Enterprise Alert combines four pillars to effectively response to incidents – automated alert notifications, convenient duty scheduling, ad hoc collaboration, and incident remediation anywhere.

 How it works

Enterprise Alert accurately notifies the appropriate teams on the shop floor or in the field on their mobile devices when critical events are happening.

Integration capabilities

  • Connection to the Schneider Electric via SOAP, REST, OPC, SNMP, etc.
  • Fast alerting of employees on duty via push, SMS, call, email
  • Alarmed employees can acknowledge critical messages, this is visible in the team
  • Alerts are escalated if there is no response
  • Team collaboration


  • Service or maintenance alerts
  • Security alarm
  • Production logistics
  • Machine alerts for production managers
  • Web Performance Monitoring

Enterprise Alert provides standard interfaces for integration with Schneider Electric systems.


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